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A web-based tool for creating your digital Scrapbooks. Mix content from Europeana with your own personal materials and create stunning stories for your social posts, blogs and websites.

Motion Notes

A web-based tool to annotate dance video. Features multiple annotation track timelines, including text, images and touch-pen or mouse drawings and voice annotation.

ICA-SUV Ethical Archivists Project

The ICA-SUV commissioned a three-month pilot project that was centered on Ethics and Archives.

by @CMteam | Updated 2 years ago

Gypsy Maker 5 Residency with Rosa Cisneros

Gypsy Maker 5 will provide a platform for three GRT artists to develop their art practice, resulting in new bodies of work.

by @CMteam | Updated 2 years ago

Page Hall Festival- Hello from Sheffield

Community members, local organisations, artists, Page Hall residents and Sheffield City Council are teaming up to produce an online festival in 2021.

by @CMteam | Updated 3 years ago

Dancing Bodies In Coventry - CRMC / Anton Mirto Residency

In May 2020, artist Anton Mirto had an online residency with the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, exploring movement, community, the soul and the city.

by @CMteam | Updated 3 years ago

Dancing Bodies In Coventry- Kate Lawrence/The Roma Project

This project was a collaboration between DBiC, Roma Project Coventry and Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence to explore concepts of home, Roma identity and Coventry.

by @CMteam | Updated 3 years ago

Dalcroze Rhythmics in Germany, 1900-1914

by @deboraoliveira | Updated 4 years ago

Urban Village: The Roma's Allotment Project

Urban Villages aims to bring together Roma and non-Roma to co-create a short film and digital scrapbook that offers insight into the project.

by @CMteam | Updated 4 years ago

Laura Tranca: Exhibition

Local Roma Artist

by @CMteam | Updated 4 years ago

Male to male

Gay dance in the world

by @JordiPadillaDelgado | Updated 4 years ago

Moonlight on consumed souls

Devoted to mothers who lost a child.

by @eiko | Updated 4 years ago

Re:generations Scrapbook

CultureMoves LabDay that used content from Europeana to instigate conversations around identity, African Diaspora and dance.

by @CMovesRegenerations | Updated 4 years ago

CM- Slanjayvah Danza LabDay

Hands-on LabDay: Dancers explored Europeana to find images to generate movement material and a short movement score. Europeana was the source of inspiration.

by @CMteam | Updated 4 years ago

Dance Memory Space and Trace

An exhibition curated for the CultureMoves project LabDays, asking artists to contribute an image of a site dance practice and a text memory of that practice.

by @CMteam | Updated 4 years ago

Historical Dance via Europeana

This scrapbook looks at historical dance content found on Europeana. This collection is a joint effort between the Early Dance Circle and the CultureMoves team.

by @CMteam | Updated 4 years ago

Romanesque Math Discoveries

Mathematical discoveries in Romanesque Architecture: How the irrational Pi can be found in Romanesque Art and a cone can print a rosette

by @noniusadventures | Updated 4 years ago

the story

by @dominique | Updated 5 years ago

Visual blog from the past

by @cmoves-somatic1 | Updated 5 years ago

Improvisation jams in Coventry

A brief collection of images from Coventry improvisation jams

by @JennaHubbard | Updated 5 years ago

C-DaRE from yesterday to today

by @sarahwhatley | Updated 5 years ago

Corporecord (2015)

Choreography: Becca Weber / Somanautdance Performers: Becca Weber, Hedy Wyland, Megan Quinn, Alison Liney Photos by Bill Herbert

by @beccaweber | Updated 5 years ago

Berengaria Moves

Experimental site-specific dance

by @Echaral | Updated 5 years ago

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