Artwork by a Roma woman who went through the Coventry school system

Laura is  young Roma artist who is from Romania. She arrived to Coventry, UK when she was 15 years old.

She didn't speak any English when she arrived and found comfort in her painting. 

Education was very important to her family and so she was immediately enrolled in school.  At school, language was a challenge but she soon learned English and excelled. One day during art class the teacher asked her to draw herself. While others painted skulls and dark things she recalls wanting to pain vibrant flowers and plants.

Artwork by Laura Tranca. This was one of the first paintings she created at the age of 16. She recalls being told a fictional story of a woman who drowned from loving someone.

New beginnings

Laura has since completed school, gone on to get full-time work in the city, and has started a family of her own. She continues to support others in her community and shares her love for art and painting with her younger siblings. When asked what home means to her she replied "Home is where my FAMILY is. Home is the safest place where I can be, the place where I don't have any constraints 😌. Home is not just a place, home is about  feelings and the people I love ❤ ".