Arrival is a short dance film, capturing locations that are significant to my journey as a dancer. It brings feelings and memories alive.

Movement Exploration

In order to create a narrative for the film, I've been using the space in my garden to research movement for the different spaces I had in mind. 

Researching Ideas for Arrival

Video Projector Testing

At first my idea was to use a projector to showcase thoughts and different memories. Unfortunately this didn't work out due to the dark lighting whilst being interviewed. However, this exploration may carry out within other projects.

Video Equipment

I've initially wanted to film with my phone but the quality of the film would've been lower. Therefore I've traveled to Leicester to borrow a video camera and different accessories from a friend which have helped enormously to the creation of the vision. 

Living Room Setup

Once we've setup the room, we were ready to go!

CHAPTER 1 - Contact

The first chapter takes me back to 2010 when I have arrived in Coventry and the emotions felt at that time. It was important to honour my connection to Coventry through example locations such as the Coventry Train Station and Cofa's Tree.

Coventry Train Station Movement

Due to the lockdown, the train station was rather hollow. This inspired my movement and allowed to express my past feelings through dance.

Cofa's Tree

Coventry began as a Saxon village. It was called Coffantree, which means the tree belonging to Cofa. Trees were often used as meeting places. In this case, a settlement grew up around the tree and it eventually became called Coventry. This historical moment accentuated my movement as there was similarities to how I've restarted my dance journey in a new place. 

Cofa's Tree Dance Visual

Cofa's Tree Dance Visual 3

Air Thread

This image depicts the energy of the city and its representation through the movement shown. 


I find the city being full of mystery which it is being portrayed in its architecture. 


This shot illustrates the unification between human and architecture. 


This random encounter displays the impromptu connection between two artists.

Dancing Feet

Again, another random encounter of two salsa dancers improvising a short dance choreography. This shows that Coventry never stops to deliver.

Coventry Blue

The city's link with the colour started with 'Coventry Blue', a dye used in the city's medieval weaving trade. This shade of blue was unique to Coventry and came from a secret recipe for the dye including water from the River Sherbourne and the quality and type of woad plant used.

Coventry Blue Dance Visual

CHAPTER 2 - Adaptation

This chapter invites the audience into my journey of adaptation to a new country, a new language and a new me.

Theatre Absolute

This image illustrates a friendship that has grown over the years between myself, Julia and Chris. 

Island airflares

Walking on a thin line

This metaphor illustrates a period of my life where the future seemed unsure...


...but I was ready to jump into the unknown once again.

Ready to move

And I'm ready for what lies ahead


This ring road underpass in Coventry was nuanced in my commute from my accommodation to work but also other places around the world.

A leap of faith


I have now fully spread my wings, ready to explore new avenues. 

Tunnel Vision

CHAPTER 3 - Future Explorations

Chapter 3 and final chapter in this journey it's representative of the exciting projects I've taken on. I'm eager to share my experiences and to also hear other people stories. As a result the ending is focused on you the audience to share your own story.

In the making of...

This is me editing Arrival whilst learning new skills. I've really enjoyed being part of this research project and I hope there will be more to come.